sanctuary retreat


An Intimate Retreat


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vastu lotus

"May all who dwell here upon this sacred land; permanent and transient, human and animal,
rocks and trees, birds and insects, wind and rain, be blessed and protected."

Hold your next workshop, retreat or teacher training at a most special, mountaintop location!


AHKí is a very special space with BIG energy. Our unique and private, Vastu-built home provides an intimate container supporting all kinds of groups. So much so, many visitors have returned multiple times - some every year. Enjoy our entire property and all it's amenities, from the tree-top shala with amazing views, our mountainside infinity pool, our fully stocked professional kitchen (bring your own chef or hire one of the many talented Nosara caterers) and more.

Where your Soul can Breathe...

WELCOME to our home, AHKí!

A true retreat located on the outskirts of Nosara, Costa Rica. Immerse yourself in nature at this
Vastu inspired home, built
maximize positive flow of energy and support overall body, mind & soul.
Your spirit lives here!


"If you want to get away from it all and immerse yourself in a different world, come to Ahki Retreat. Beautifully designed, remote and quiet, it is an ideal place to lead a deep and intimate retreat. 
A perfect place to teach or to dive deep into learning."

        ~ ANODEA JUDITH, author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind