It is told in the Brihat Samhita, the story of Vaastupurusha:

"The god Shiva was once engaged in a battle with a demon. As the fierce struggle went on, Shiva began sweating profusely. Vaastupurusha was born out of Shiva's beads of sweat. His origin in strife made him very hungry and he started devouring everything in his path. The other gods went to Lord Brahma for protection, begging him to do something about this new creature that was destroying their world. Brahama gave Vaastupursha a push and he fell to earth, landing face down. Immediately Brahma told the gods - who were forty-five in number - to sit on Vaastupurusha and not allow him to get up. After they did so, Vaastupurusha prayed for Brahama's mercy, entreating that he had been created hungry and that he was only following his nature. Brahma felt sorry for him and granted him the blessing of having his endless hunger fed by offerings from the inhabitants of the dwellings built upon him. In return, Vaastupurusha was to stay embedded in the earth and take care of the inhabitants' health and prosperity. But he could seek his own sustenance if the inhabitants didn't feed him properly. Those who did not abide by Brahma's rules would awaken the creature's hunger and suffer the consequences". Translation by Talvane Krishna, M.D.

As with all myths, the true meaning of the symbol of Vaastupurusha goes much deeper than the story, itself. This story is our story. Consider for a moment that we have both a physical body and a subtle body or spirit. Just as our body and spirit are connected, so is the house (body) and Vaastupurusha (spirit).

According to Vastu (also spelled vasthu and vaastu), buildings are living organisms like the human nervous system, and can be designed in "harmonic resonance" with the basic underlying energy structure of the universe. As above, so below; macrocosm/microcosm. So, what does this mean for us? By using the fundamentals of sacred geometry and by plugging into the vibrations of the universal energy through design and construction, we create a truly harmonic dwelling that can promote health, happiness, peace, success, security, and prosperity. This is the very foundation upon which our home is built.

In order to create a truly sacred space through Vastu, there are specific principals that must be followed. This science works directly in conjunction with the 9 directions, 5 elements, the 9 planets, the geographical characteristics of the land and more. Authentic Vastu is a highly complex science that requires thoughtful study and precise execution and measuring, for example: floor dimension to wall height, wall height to roof pitch, etc. It is over 10,000 years old and comes from the Pranva Veda - the first and "source Veda". "The vital energy of air inside and outside the house is regulated and made to be in free and unobstructed operation by a mathematical calculation. This mathematical order is a systematic calculation of the manifestation, or evolution, of space-energy into spatial form. This order, or numerical measure, is the basis of structuring resonance with universal energies." - Dr. GS

EVERYTHING plays a role in our health, wealth and overall well being. Our bodies need the right diet, exercise and sleep, our minds need release from negative and unproductive thought patterns and our environment needs to flow in accordance with the energies of nature. It is helpful to have all these elements in place to lead a healthy and happy life. The Vastu concept then becomes the vehicle to help build an environment that aligns the frequencies that bring health, happiness, peace and well being.

ALL that being said, it is not necessary that one be required to know or understand or even believe the principles of Vastu in order to feel it!

For more information on Vastu, please visit Michael Borden's website:

Ahki Retreat in Costa Rica at twil
Ahki Retreat in Costa Rica at night.
Ahki Retreat in Costa Rica, garden sunset.


Much of Vastu is based on Jyotish/Vedic astrology. Michael Borden, our Vastu architect, explained: "There were only a few mandalas (a square grid that the floor plans are laid down upon) that were compatible with the size of the house. The one I used is a very auspicious mandala. It is associated with the Ayadi value 107. This value has the highest degree of positive attributes available in science of Ayadi. Ayadi equations are the formulas we use to set the frequency of the structure and align it with earth, cosmic and personal energies". So, based on these calculations our home received the mula mandala - mula, in sanskrit, means root - for those of you familiar with the chakra system, you'll recognize this word in "Muladhara", which is the root or base chakra.


Roots represent strength and stability, and the basis from which things can grow. We look forward to the opportunity of offering this sacred space as a place for YOU to explore your own inner strength, stability and growth.