Mistakes or Masterpieces?

April 23, 2018

"Who is to say who wins or who looses? I sing to myself at the end of the day, when I know what the blues is.
All my mistakes have become masterpieces.
I was born in the goodness of grace - and because of faith, because of courage, because of forgiveness - all my mistakes have become masterpieces”. ~Teitur

We are all born in the “goodness of grace”… and then we fall - or so we think - not because we’re losers, but because it’s how we humans are. We tend to look at our so called “failings” as mistakes, when really, they are only times of learning and growth. There is no wrong direction along the path, there is only the direction in which we are going, and through “faith, courage and forgiveness”, it’s up to us to find our alchemist along the way, and turn our lead into gold… our mistakes into masterpieces, and come full circle to our true nature: the goodness of grace.








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