"Gratitude is only the first word that begins to describe the feeling I have in my heart. This sacred space amongst all the blooming, buzzing, chirping, howling life has grounded a truly spiritual experience. Each sip of tea, swept leaf, bite of food, folded towel, opened door expresses a love that flows like the wind over the mountain. AHKí and all its inhabitants have supported a magical yogic journey for three weeks. Laughing, crying, inverting, chanting, dancing, swimming, reading, contemplating, eating ;-), cooking, relaxing, meditating and most of all... being, in the Divine oneness where love rules all. Gracias, gracias, gracias a Dios!! Many blessings to all who walk here. PURA VIDA!
~ Elizabeth, EPY, Yoga Teacher Training

"Karen, thank you for your vision in building this space. I am forever changed and grateful. Love,

~ Adrian B.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality, love and nurturance this week. It's just what I needed to move me closer to
Sat Nam - something I've been looking for my entire life. The space, the land, animals, insects, trees, air, water - all of it has grounded me in a way that I never knew was possible. The connection to the Divine that I feel here has shown me that so long as I stay connected to the Divine and grounded to the earth, Sat Nam will manifest itself. You are truly an inspiration, Karen, that anything is possible. Thank you. Much, much meta. Namaste.
~ Kat B.

"AHKí is such a blessing for those searching for stillness and positive energy. I am forever grateful to you for sharing this peaceful space with us."
~ Michele

"Good morning beautiful Karen. Simply put, you have created a space that will forever impact the way I see the world. I cannot thank you enough. I will send you love, peace and happiness whenever these memories arise - which should be very often! I am a new person. Thank you, thank you, thank you".

~ Alison M.

"This place is really perfect. There is nothing that it lacks, no detail not thoughtfully planned. The grounds are breath-taking, the mountain views are stunning... the pool area is restful and beautiful and the monkeys kept us entertained. Karen is a warm, gracious host, with a huge open heart and so attentive to any of our needs, which by the way were few because we were so well taken care of. The chef is a food artist... making exquisite food that tastes amazing and looks beautiful. She combines so many flavors and colors and textures.. each meal was like eating at a 5 star spa, extremely healthy but in a way that even those that don't usually eat mostly vegetarian foods were more than satisfied."

~ Wendy Kopald, LCSW, Chicago

"Karen, your life's work is made manifest : seeking beauty and balance in this place (Costa Rica) and this building. Thanks for opening AHKí to other seekers - Om Shanti."

~ Leslie W, WA

"The energy that encompasses Ahkí embraces oneself from all angles and really gives you the opportunity to relax, and breathe in the beauty of nature that surrounds you."

~ Jessica Daniels, NY

"What an exquisite spot!!! The ambiance is soothing & very zen. The food, views, monkeys and people left nothing to be desired. I would return in a heartbeat."

~ Julie M, Oregon

"AHKí is built to be in harmony with the incredible natural beauty that surrounds it. Karen has created a place that is, indeed, a sanctuary for the Soul. Every detail of this stunning retreat enhances your experience."

~ Donna T, Mass

"Just returned from an amazing week at AHKí. What a beautiful place. The attention to detail and the convergence with nature are inspired. I was there for a week long retreat and it's an incredible place for such an experience."

~ Alli James, CO

"This is a fantastic place, stayed ten days and it was high class all the way. Beautiful views, lovely breezes, amazing pool, and Karen is fantastic. We held a retreat here and it had the most amazing food-truly a delicious and healthy treat to eat here every single day. The view from our open air meeting space was perfect to be in Pura Vida! Bravo!"

~ Robin Rice, Author, MD

"AHKí - The sweet spot of the Universe! Thank you!"

~ Kathleen Steinmuller

Thank you so much for being such a gracious host! AHKí is so beautiful! Yoga in the treetop, open air studio is beyond compare. Loved the views & the breeze - it will be so missed! Kitchen staff - Gracias for all the nutritious, delicious meals made with care & love! Pedro was the sweetest, most accomodating driver! Muchas gracias for chauffering us! We had a blast zip-lining, surfing, shopping enjoying the beaches, sunsets, stars, moons, sunrises, and monkeys! Relaxing by the pool, dancing to oldies, the warm weather, and mostly the women I met were all highlights, too! Thanks, also, to Natalie & the rest of the AHKí staff as well as my momorable massage by Tammy! Wonderful memories in a magical setting! Blessings & wish you much success! With gratitude,"

~ Caroline Owen Houde, MA