Into the Great Unknown

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

A friend of mine once told me she read somewhere: “Fear comes from not trusting that we can handle whatever comes our way.” Never have I heard such basic words that ring so true.

Right now, we are being challenged on all levels, and the fear feels very REAL. When FDR reminds us “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”, we can understand most fear to be a concept based on something that hasn’t happened yet. It exists in our minds when we are not present in the moment, and can keep us from thinking or behaving rationally. A constant state of fear creates deep anxiety and can wear on our immune system, and over time degrade our health. Fear can keep us from enjoying our lives to its fullest - when we could be living in expanded awareness and new experiences - we wind up stuck in the "what-if" immobilizing syndrome. We can fear for our success, our health, our wealth, the safety of ourselves and loved ones and ultimately our lives… but, generally speaking, those are all projections of things that haven't happened. We fear what we don't know or don't understand. Sometimes, like now, it's impossible to make sense of anything let alone make future plans or prepare for what is to come. With so much conflicting information floating around on the TV news and internet, none of us can be entirely sure as to what is true, when we will see an end to this pandemic, and what that world will be like.

Generally, speaking there are 3 states of fear: fight, flight and freeze. Any of us, at any time may find ourselves experiencing one or maybe ALL these stages right now. Either way, this pandemic can have many of us acting, unconsciously, out of character in some way or another due to the fear of the great unknown and from feelings of loosing control. But this is something we humans CAN understand, and with patience, compassion, empathy and grace, and respect for everyone's individuated journey through this collective dark night of soul... we share in the vulnerability and can support one another in a deeper way. THAT is truly when we will find ourselves "in this together".

Trust in yourself. Trust you CAN handle whatever comes your way. You always is no different. Peace,


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