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Can You Find Comfort in Uncertainty?

How do you come to terms with having your everyday world stopped in mid-track? - all your plans, hopes, dreams now having come to a screeching halt until the unforeseeable future?...

Actually, if you think about it, none of us are strangers to this. We all, at some point in our lives are called to deal with a reset of some kind, perhaps through the death of a loved one, divorce, the loss of a job, the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Leaving us adapting to a "new normal" after our world has been rocked off its axis. Now, the difference is, it's happening to all of us at once, on a frighteningly grand scale. Our health is threatened, our financials are compromised, our inherent, communal needs (rights) to gather, and the ability to move about the planet has been taken away. And, no one can tell us when or how this will pass, what things will be like after it passes and how each of us will fit into this new paradigm.

On personal refection, my own right-livelihood (like so many others) depends on the gathering of people, as well as them needing to travel on planes to do it. And now, all of that hangs in the balance. This leaves me feeling so many things: abandoned, angry, concerned to say the least. But this recent crisis has also awakened me to how much I have allowed myself to get caught up in the day-to-day, thinking I have more time, more control, more say in any outcome than I actually do. Yes, we all need to "chop wood, carry water", but I feel like I have been god-smacked upside the head into remembering how much the unseen and unknowable plays a part in our lives, and how we can respond to that.

We are all, at some level, lulled into our own (false) sense of security. It looks different for each of us, but we all have the need to base our "faith" on something. And, that something is usually based on some tangible past history, something outside of ourselves. It feels right, it makes sense, however, on a deeper perspective, we know there is nothing we can actually predict for sure, but it gives us a sense of comfort as we are a need-to-know society. Now, our need-to-know is going unfulfilled. It's like we are tied to a chair with a blindfold; we can't move, we can't see what is happening, we can hear things but we can't make complete sense of them. It can be maddening for some. And here is where "true" faith comes in... to sit with what IS, especially when we don't know what that IS is, and be calm or perhaps even comfortable without trying to figure it out, define it or direct it. With this, our openness, ability to truly accept what is, to drop expectations allows us a freedom (yes FREEDOM), a liberation from what the buddhists call Samsara, the ocean of suffering. When we find trust within our own truths, we let go of the need to look outside ourselves for answers.

That being said, this does not mean to stick your head in the sand. As a matter of fact, the wakening opens us to see with a broader, 360 degree perspective. This perspective allows for us to make clearer decisions, and to take action or speak out more appropriately.

May we support each other with the grace and compassion that is inherent within each and everyone of us. We have ALWAYS been in this together, and together we can rise up as we have before, and maybe with an even better "new normal" we are all still capable of creating!

Godspeed us all along this journey...


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