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A Trip Across the Rainbow Bridge

Anodea Judith, renowned authority on the chakras says: “The rainbow bridge is said to be that which connects heaven to earth; that which connects the mortal to the divine; that which connects mind to body; spirit to matter— and the seven vibratory modalities of the chakras that are so often correlated to the rainbow colors, represents that rainbow bridge that exists within our very selves right at the core. So each one of us is a connection between heaven and earth. Some of the mythology around the rainbow bridge says as doomsday approaches the rainbow bridge will break down and heaven and earth will no longer be in communication, will no longer be connected.

A sign of the times? The way of the world these days seems to be alluding to this. Are we loosing connection with the divine? What about our disconnect within our own Selves - our minds and spirits from our bodies — our microcosm to the macrocosm.

AHKí Retreat is built upon the Vastu principle “as above, so below” so to invite the harmonious intention of staying connected with the divine above and the divine that exists within each us. Throughout our 7 seasons, I have been witness so many healings, transformations and revelations. Some come for vacation, relaxation, respite. Some come to seek change in their lives, heal old wounds, find deeper meaning and purpose. No matter what the reason, all seem to leave with some degree of shift inside.

A million times, Gandi has been quoted — and for a reason: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” He could see that change starts within. We are on such a cusp of radical shift in human consciousness, that it is blowing the roof off of what we have been perceiving as truth — and it is confusing to many. Some are rising up, some are in denial, some in complete despair. However, I see it all as positive. As the saying goes: “It’s always darker just before the dawn.”

Let us be the bringers of the light. Don’t let the darkness bring you down, acknowledge it, know it and shine your own light out upon it. When you do, you give others permission to do the same. This is where our true power (not force) lies… and this is the start of how we are going to change the world.

Join Anodea Judith for her week long retreat “Chakras, Charge and the Energy Body” here at AHKí on February 29, 2020. Learn more about your own rainbow bridge and how you can harness your own power and light to facilitate change within, reconnecting with the power and light of the collective unconscious to facilitate change in the world.

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