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A Look Back to the Present

December 2018 -

This photo represents the installation of offerings to the AHKí Brahmasthan - the central, holiest and most powerful place in the Vaastu house. Flower for nature, coins for abundance, chakra affirmation card and a crystal Shri Yantra to ground, protect and accelerate the highest vibration.

December 2011 -

With the exception of this flower from our land, these items have been on our alter for the past two years, activated by our prayers and meditations helping to set our intention, turning thought into reality, dreaming into waking. With this offering, we call upon the ancient wisdom of Vaastu and the infinite love and life sustaining energy of the Universe. We ask once again, that all who dwell here upon this sacred land; permanent and transient, human and animal, rocks and trees, birds and insects, wind and rain, be blessed and protected.

We come with gratitude and honor for all who have played a part in helping to manifest this dream – be it financial or emotional, physical or spiritual. We also honor every life that has been displaced or destroyed in the creation of this project, and pray these sacrifices have been made for the greater good. With all death and destruction, comes birth and renewal – let this house, land and all things related, resound with this energy bringing peace, healing, harmony and well being not only to this space but to our entire Mother Earth (Ahki) and beyond.

March 2019 - There always has been and always will be the intention for AHKí to support those along their journey, even if just a stop along the way; to hold the sacred space allowing for safe and profound transformation.

Om shreem kleem Lakshmi, narayana biyam namaha.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…

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