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You Are Already There

"...Take steps towards your desire and allow the Universe to manifest it into your physical experiential reality in ways the Universe will take care of."

I found the above quote one day while pondering something a friend had said about manifesting the life she desires. One of the laws of manifesting is to know that what you desire already exists. Now. We tend to think of time in linear terms but I don't believe the Universe works this way. It's so easy for us humans to see what we want or don't have, therefore, usually leaving us in a state of lack vs abundance. But, if we can find a way to reside in a calm state of "being" vs "doing", our actions towards our desire comes from a place of trust (in having) rather than a place of anxiety (over NOT having). This energy is where manifesting really kicks in.

I'll never forget the day I set up and re-activated the altar in the AHKí library, it's final resting place after three years and three other homes. I was brought to tears as I looked up and out the window at the mountain vista realizing: I'm really here, it's really happened - an intention made manifest! It was a long journey for me and that altar, and the journey continues, but with trust and faith that I will always be exactly where I am meant to be.

Set a course for your direction, but be prepared to tack and jibe as the wind will change and the tides will turn - trust the Universe will guide us on our journeys in getting exactly what we need!

Peace & Pura Vida! (Photos by Bobbie Harte)

Photo by Bobbie Hart

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