• Karen

Live in Joy

It's very difficult, these days, to keep a stable ground in joy, while there is so much unrest in the world. War, famine, suicide, genocide, open fire shootings, untruths from the political systems, mass poisoning of our foods from corrupt corporations, depression, recession, pollution. Mother Earth herself seems to be in revolt with devastating fires, volcanos, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis... so much tumult and strife. What we fail to remember is that, from the beginning of time, there has always lived a dark side. Buddha had his finger on the pulse of this. All during his early life he was protected by his family and shielded from the pain, death, devastation and decay of the outside world. His curiosity ultimately led him to explore beyond the confines of his safe and secure home, only to discover that life was not built on a bed of roses. It's a hard lesson to find balance and understanding in love, joy, peace and happiness along with hate, sickness, death and devastation. We struggle to make sense, give meaning to it all, but this will never change the world. We can only change our perspective of it, and in doing so, we may perpetuate the change we wish to see. We each must find within our own hearts, our own way - how we will take action, to serve the greater good, while embracing the "10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows".

"Live in joy, in love

even among those who hate

Live in joy, in health

even among the afflicted

Live in joy, in peace

even among the troubled.

Look within, be still, free from fears and attachments

Know the sweet joy of The Way for yourself"


Peace & Pura Vida!

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