• Karen

Wish I May, Wish I Might

Or, to quote Mick Jagger: "I can't get no... satisfaction." What is it about modern life, with all it's modern conveniences, and opportunities for personal gain and growth: a diet and exercise program for every body; a self-help book for everyone looking to attain "enlightenment"; a pharmaceutical for every affliction? Why is it, that so many are still consumed by a state of lack - wishing they had... more money, a better body, a nicer house, a bigger car, more fulfilling relationships? What exactly IS the underlying cause of such despair and dissatisfaction? It appears to me that we are in a collective "dark night of soul". A global healing crisis. The tides are turning and we are in a time of exposure, and this shadow is big. And, we are not, individually, exempt. There is no longer any place to run and hide. Socrates said "The unexamined life is not worth living." Maybe there are some out there who feel, once looking deeper, find that the EXAMINED life if not worth living. It takes a certain strength to shine the light onto the shadow. It takes a soldier, a warrior and a hell of a lot of faith. Socrates knew this. Life is filled with disappointments and disillusionments, but mostly because we can't get out of our own way and stop tripping over the things we think should have turned out differently. In times of healing crisis, things always feel worse before they feel better. I know this, I've been there. We all have on some level. So look inside to what is, not outside to what isn't. And, trust with patience, time, and a certain amount of surrender, you will settle into your true self, your true nature that is ONLY inherently happy and glowing with the light that exists and connects each and every one of us. So by healing yourself, by accepting and loving yourself and the life you live, unconditionally - you are giving permission to others to do the same. Live and teach by example. Own it, embody it. It is your god-given gift. "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents." Bob Ross, Painter

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