• Karen

Now You See Me, No... You Don't

There is a saying, “We don’t see others as THEY are, we see them as WE are.” We can only see each other through our own eyes, since, of course, these are the only eyes we have. But, behind these eyes are our own histories, shaped by beliefs cultivated through familial, societal and cultural ideals. We only know what we, ourselves, have experienced, and so our perspective is skewed through the filters of our own comprehension. How could we possibly know the true story of another? How could we possibly think we are correct when deciding if another person is happy, miserable, stupid, uncomfortable, in a bad relationship, in a good relationship… and, these are just a scant few, the list goes on. The plethora of judgments we can make in any given day’s time would be far too vast to list. Carl Jung said: “ Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.” It’s not to say the world doesn’t need it’s dreamers, on the contrary, but we need to check what we are dreaming about! If we can be present enough when a judgment arises - as it bubbles up from the deepest place inside ourselves – we can understand that it is ours alone. We created it, we own it and it really has nothing to do with the person to which it is directed. If we can learn to witness the world with an open heart, rather than judge it with sleepy eyes, then perhaps we can learn to focus on what is true; that we are all inherently the same, doing the best we can – and that it is not up to us to judge what that is.


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