• Karen

Change Your Mindset, Change The World

These tumultuous and trying times that are aiming us towards an ambiguous future, leaves no person in the world untouched on some level. We are seeing and experiencing vast changes in the the natural world, the government, the monetary system and more. We are becoming more health conscious, but seem to be plagued with more illness and conditions than ever before. More and more people are waking up, but like a chrysalis morphing into the butterfly - the process is daunting, painful and arduous. The world is in a healing crisis, and that never feels good. But, like the brave and beautiful mariposa pushing through the darkness and discomfort, we too, must endure in order to make our way back into the light. From light we were born and to light, we will return. It is the inevitable truth.

This is a tremendous opportunity to step into our roles as change agents - and this means learning how to be comfortable with uncertainty. There simply is no other way. When we stay only where we feel comfortable and safe, we cannot grow and life situations cannot change. Safety and security is only illusion, as surely we cannot predict the unfolding of time and circumstance. You say you want to change your life, your job, your relationship, the world... yet you throw your opinions around Facebook, and dream of better times, but when will you get out there and LIVE it? Change can only manifest through action. This action can be anything from simply changing your perspective to quitting your job, getting a divorce, joining a protest rally or becoming a volunteer. There are a million and one things that can facilitate change but every single one takes "action". We must always remember that the greatest risks reap the highest rewards, and so we cannot allow fear to immobilize us, keeping us small and from being our greatest selves.

Individually and collectively we need to be consciously and constantly stepping out of our comfort zone in order "be the change we want to see in the world". Support each other. Seize the opportunity to plant a seed, create something new. Take the risks that scare us. Because courage is not about being fearless, it's about facing the very thing that scares us and moving through it, leading us towards the growth and change that is waiting to happen.


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