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More Than This...

I would like to open this post with a pull-quote from one of my favorite Peter Gabriel songs, More Than This: "now we're busy making all our busy plans on foundations built to last

but nothing fades as fast as the future and nothing clings like the past..."

I've always thought this quote was spot-on, but more and more these days I can't help noticing how time is screaming by, full-tilt, leaving me dizzy and reeling in it's wake. I'm sure part of this is because of the time I spend looking ahead, planning and organizing all the things that need to be done to keep AHKí running optimally. And, although I try my best to stay balanced in the present moment, I certainly still can get caught up by the challenges of living and running a business in the jungle of a developing country. But, I believe we reap the greatest rewards by the risks we take. It's just the way things roll. The more you step up and out, the more the Universe rises up to meet you. My greatest rewards are the spirits of all who come here and share their light and stories and tell me how they're leaving just a little bit brighter. And, then they thank me. And, I am humbled and know that they are really thanking the spirit that moves through me, through them, through us all and the earth and the stars and I remember the remaining lines of the above verse: " ...until we can see more than this more than this so much more than this there is something out there more than this it's coming through and more than this i stand alone and so connected and I'm all there right next to you" Thank you, Peter, for the reminder. And a big THANK YOU, to all who have put their trust in AHKí, sight-unseen and have contributed their light, beauty and energy, continuing on long after they have gone - still - all there right next to me.


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