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AHKí, It's the Real Thing

Merriam-Webster "Retreat" definition:

2 : a place of privacy or safety (refuge)

3 : a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director

In this fast-growing industry of destination retreats of all shapes and sizes, it's easy to get off track from the fundamental meaning of "retreat". In times gone by, retreats were of a spiritual nature at places of quietude, usually deep in nature, appropriate for deepening powers of concentration and insight as well as communing with the divine.

As evolution will have it, retreats now encompass a broad number of themes from yoga and meditation to writing workshops, personal development and surfing. Retreats are held in all types of venues; cities, rural locations, beachside, mountains and jungles, to name a few. Some are spiritual in nature and others are merely vacation resorts, with non-retreating guests mixed in.

The beauty of AHKí is that it is a true retreat location. Far from the maddening crowd, AHKí provides true respite in an intimate setting. However, for those who want outside stimulation, we are near enough to shops, restaurants and excursions. Never will you see here other guests not a part of your group, only the abundant nature surrounding you. We support every group leader and their groups with personalized care. Guests have remarked on the layout of the space and how it contains the retreats and supports group and individual work. It's no wonder that more than half of our clientele are repeats, returning anywhere from 3 - 6 years, booking well in advance to assure their spot. We hope you might be one of our returning clients some day, so that you may experience the special energy of AHKí! Peace&PuraVida!

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