• Karen

Keep it Fresh

There is nothing more boring than the mundane and nothing more mundane than sameness. But it's true, some of us resist change. It might be a bit off-putting when something that you expect isn't what it used to be, like maybe Starbucks changed the formula of their Double Mocha Caramel Cappuccino Whatever that you have been enjoying for the past 5 1/2 years, or your 28 year marriage has suddenly left you flying solo, or your life-long best friend has decided to move to Switzerland to build a ski chalet. But lets be honest, if it wasn't for change we wouldn't grow and if we aren't growing, what's the point in life? I mean, you probably gave it a try and either really liked that new Starbucks idea or switched to something you never would have tried and known it's goodness, or that after the dust settled on the demise of that marriage, you finally, really and truly found your Self... and that friend who moved? Well, look at that vacation opportunity!

At AHKí, we really try to keep things fresh, especially since more than half of our clients are repeat group leaders and attendees. We do our best to keep updating as much as we can, from our amenities to our menu. However, the one thing we DO stay true to is our intention - to hold the sacred space for all those who need time of respite, reflection and inner growth or simply, just plain fun and relaxation.

We hope you enjoy our [[FRESH!]] NEW and IMPROVED WEBSITE! Peace&PuraVida to ALL!

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