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5 Years... What a surprise!

To think just over 6 years ago, I moved here to Costa Rica to build and open a retreat, and now we are going into our 5th successful season. This makes me reminiscent of the early days of construction and all the challenges it brought. But, it also reminds me of all the support that was there to give me the strength to keep going when times got tough. Among many things, I learned how.. 1) to trust! I learned how just about every "oh shit!" moment, can turn the most amazing "aha!" moment. 2) to get out of my own way. Set the intention and then let the Universe conspire. She ALWAYS has a better idea than you! 3) that, no matter what, you are always going to be OK. I've lived through some of my worst fears... and SURVIVED. For sure, apart from all the spiritual practices I have endeavored, the birthing of AHKí, has been, by far, my greatest! I am filled with gratitude and humbled everyday by all the people who have graced us with their presence and light here in this sacred space. And, when the challenges seem a bit daunting at times, I remember those people... and I remember... that everything we do, matters. Sat Nam and WAHE GURU!

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