"In every drop of water, there is a story of life." —Leena Arif

Life begins in water; an element so precious to our lives in so many ways, and yet is often-times overlooked. In water, we are boyant; in water we are ageless. With it's reflecting capabilities, it shows us who we are; with it's power it can provide enough energy to create electricity for an entire city; it can soothe a soul with the simple sound of it falling gently; it can extinguish fires and bring plants back to life. We, ourselves, are physically made up predominantly of water. It's attributes are endless... and so to honor this amazing element we have constructed our pool as a true testament to the healing powers of water, which is intentionally placed in the Northeast corner of the house's mandala, the most auspicious location for the water element in Vastu.

What can we say? Our pool is spectacular. Whether sitting in contemplation on one of the nearby daybeds or floating under the stars, you will find our infinity edge, saltwater swimming/reflecting pool a grounding and nurturing experience.

Infinite Beauty