The Kitchen

Here at AHKí we are serving up fresh (organic, when available) vegan/vegetarian, gluten/dairy-free meals made from scratch. 

Yogurt, milk, butter and locally baked breads are available for those not watching their gluten or dairy intake. In our amply stocked kitchen, our experienced staff cooks solely for our retreat guests, enabling us to take into consideration your individual dietary needs, making the appropriate modifications and adjustments. All meals are served in our lovely open air dining room, with a grand vista of the gardens, pool and mountains and sea.

Enjoy healthy, delicious and creative meals that are served sit-down style and carefully planned to be "climate appropriate". You will never feel weighed down from food too heavy for the Costa Rica climate, but, most certainly you will leave the table satiated! (We also can provide chicken or fish options per your advance request at a slight, additional cost.)