Chakras, Charge & the Energy Body 

Mastering the Charge in Your Body,
Your Emotions, & Your Psyche

with Anodea Judith 

February 29- March 7, 2020

Join Anodea at AHKí for this transformational workshop! "Charge" is a word for the basic life force, also called prana, chi, libido, or simply “The Force.” When we live fully in the center of our charge, we ignite the chakras, and open to greater aliveness and awakening. This somatic therapy training is energy psychology at its best, using a combination of yoga and bioenergetic exercises, to charge and discharge the chakras, dissolve body armor, and release established patterns in the nervous system.

Anodea Judith, PhD. Anodea Judith, PH.D, is the author or co-author of eight books on various aspects of healing, psychology, spirituality, social change, and yoga, most notably as seen through the system of the energy centers known as the chakras. Her first book released in 1987, Wheels of Life, has become a classic along with her psychology book, Eastern body, Western mind. She holds masters and doctoral degrees in psychology and human health, is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher (E-RYT with lifelong studies of psychology, mythology, sociology, history, systems theory, and mystic spirituality. She is considered the foremost expert on the combination of chakras and therapeutic issues and on the interpretation of the chakra system for the western lifestyle. She teaches across the world and has been a speaker at numerous conferences, and an ongoing faculty member of The Shift Network, Kripalu Yoga Center, New York Open Center, Omega, and many other retreat centers and yoga studios.

Master the Charge in Your Body, Your Emotions, and Your Psyche!

In this workshop, based on her latest book, "Charge and the Energy Body", Anodea Judith combines yoga with bioenergetic movements designed to move charge through the body and activate the various chakras and dissolve defenses and body armor. Ahkí Retreat is proud to partner with Anodea, author, speaker, chakra specialist and one of the leading visionaries of our time, for a very exciting workshop experience. Don't miss out on this rare and very special opportunity to work with Anodea Judith in an intimate, up-front and personal setting!

Learn breathing exercises to generate energy and techniques for calming energy as well as how to:

• Ground your energy through your first chakra

• Open to pleasure in your second chakra

• Ignite your power in your third chakra

• Soften your heart in your fourth chakra

• Release blocked communication in your fifth chakra

• Open to vision in your sixth chakra

• And connect with divine charge in your seventh chakra.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to study with an
extraordinary teacher and healer!

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