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Enjoy a wide variety of excursions in our area, from a mellow sunset horseback ride on the beach to an afternoon in the shaded river among the mangroves, or go for something a little more action-packed, like zip-lining or surfing. Either way, there's something for everyone! (Prices and descriptions subject to change. Please follow the links for more information.)



Horseback Riding: $45-65 - 1 hour

Kayaking: $75 - 3 hours
Mangrove SUP boarding tour/lesson:  $65 - 2.5 hours
Ocean SUP boarding tour: $75

Wildlife Hike (November & December only) : $75 - 3 hours


Miss Sky Canopy Tour (zip lining): $75 - 3.5 - 4 hours


Surfing:  $50 - 90 min group lesson / $70 - 90 min private lesson

ATV/Quad Tours: $75 4-5 hours (minimum 3pp)

Deep Sea Fishing - 4 Hour Cruise: $350

Deep Tissue


Trigger Point Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage




Thai Massage





Conversations with Gong


Cooking with The Elements and Balancing Chakras

Ayurveda honours each of us as individuals and recognises our unique constitution. Every individual needs all three Doshas (Vata, Pita and Kapha) to exist as they each play a role in our body and mind. When at their natural state of balance, our Doshas provide the strength our bodies need to prevent the conditions that may allow disease. When out of balance, the body’s loss of homeostasis permits health conditions and diseases to develop. 


We all have predominant Doshas and they will determine the imbalances we are prone to. In this workshop we look at the 6 flavours that represents the 5 elements the universe is made up of (space, air, fire, water and earth) and how these can heal us and enhance our daily flow. 


We also look at how to use colour to heal. Foods of varying colours offer many different nutritional benefits in addition to produce energy with healing properties. They are also directly linked to our chakras and can create heat, open up our spirit, produce a narcotic feeling and so much more.  ~$50~

The Ahkí Menu

Learn to cook the delicious food you will be enjoying while you are here for your retreat. ~$50~

Food as Medicine, Fermenting and Sprouting

A whole food only has one ingredient - itself. When a food is whole and intact it builds health. When eating whole foods we are eating foods that are capable of regenerating themselves and can therefore help our cells to regenerate when we ingest, digest and properly assimilate their nutrients. Whole foods enhance the electrical potential in your cells and between cells. When cells have the proper micro-electrical potential, they have the power to rid themselves of toxins. ~$50~


A plant based, raw food diet is the base of this workshop and is based on the idea that what we eat is far more determinant of our health than our DNA and the food we eat can heal us faster and more profoundly than the most expensive prescription drugs with only positive side effects. Those food choices can prevent and heal autoimmune diseases and eliminate allergies.


The workshop focuses on how to obtain more enzymes, vitamin Bs, having a healthy ratio of essential fatty acids, alkalinity, mineral absorption, probiotic foods, super foods and proper food combining. It will explain the benefits of different foods and we will talk more about the good foods to eat than the bad. ~$50~