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WELCOME to Ahkí, an intimate yet spacious home nestled among 5.75 mountain acres. We are near Nosara, located on the Pacific coast, in the Guanacaste/Nicoya Peninsula region of Costa Rica - one of the five Blue Zones in the world. Imbued with lush, green mountainsides, blue ocean waters, plentiful sunshine and with it's accessible location, Ahkí is the perfect destination for your private retreat.

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Ahkí is not a hotel or resort, but a private home rental affording you the privacy and enjoyment of our entire home.

If you are a retreat leader looking for a space to hold your retreat: Ahkí can accommodate up to 20 people for an all-inclusive retreat experience. Please CONTACT US directly for more information.

• A portion of AHKí's electric consumption is generated using on-site photovoltaic solar panels.
• We use all-natural, biodegradable cleaning products
• We provide 100% locally produced, organic hand soap, body wash and shampoo - refillable dispensers in every bath
• We recycle 75% of AHKí's waste
• We use recycled plastic and paper products when possible
• Locally staffed
• All bedrooms are amply and naturally ventilated, without the need for A/C
• All hot water is provided via U.S. style, on-demand heaters for reliable, safe, environmentally friendly hot water.
• We composite all organic kitchen waste for future gardening
• We include native plants that provide food and shelter for the local animal population

Some Personal History


Back in 2006, Karen Munna started traveling to Costa Rica in search of a place to call home, a true retreat to share with all those seeking respite and renewal - a place to "fall into oneself" amongst the abundant nature and healing land; this special area, one of the 5 Blue Zones - Nosara. Little did she know she was embarking on an epic healing journey of her own, while in the process of manifesting this for others. She is honored to call AHKí her home.

Karen is a certified Soma Veda Thai Yoga Therapist, certified Healing Touch practitioner and a certified yoga teacher. "Karen is a living embodiment of loving incarnation. She brings joy and light and a warrior spirit to her Yoga practice and teaching as well as her healing arts."
~Dr. Aachan Anthony James

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Tune in to the "Love Your Enthusiasm" podcast with Karen and Britt Skrabanek, as they discuss:

  • How things are going in Costa Rica and with AHKí, in light of the pandemic.

  • How this difficult year is increasing human connection and pushing our collective creativity in new directions.

  • Why it’s important to let things be what they are—and not to force creativity.

  • Advice for those struggling to follow their truth—be honest with yourself and don’t force it.


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As remote as Ahkí feels, we are only minutes away from beaches, kayaking, horseback riding, world famous Nosara surfing, zip-lining, nature hikes, shopping, restaurants and more. What is so unique about Ahkí is that it truly IS a sacred space - built specifically according to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, "the yoga of space", invoking peace, wellness and harmony. A true, Vastu built dwelling helps to maximize the flow of positive, healing energy throughout.

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